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WTF, where did my SC 91 octane tune go after update?

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So I updated my SC Flashpaq to 1.18 and when I went out to the car and started to reprogram it and under the power levels I only have a choice of 87 tune and mileage XS or whatever they call it.

Is that new thing mileage XS supposed to replace the 91 tune? I sure hope not unless it doesn't cut any power but I don't see how it couldn't.

Did I just screw myself with this latest update?
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Yes, I tried it a few times. Scott is working on it.
I'm gonna update tonight and see if I'm back in the game......

Ok. now its 5:19. I've updated and no change. no MDS/FAN OPTIONS, Etc.
Oh well, just like FTA, gotta do more testing....
Still no 91 tune. I've done everything that S/C told me to , and everything suggested by members of this forum.
SWEEEEEEEET Got it back!

I posted that I updated last night, but nothing had changed. I brought it to work and it said that I was updated. I went ahead and loaded all three options: DataLogging, Advanced DataLogging, and the Mileage XS Save.
I hooked it up to my car at lunch and I now have all 4 tunes available, as well as the Fan and MDS options.
I've logged every gallon of dino juice that has passed though my Hearses lungs and have averaged 19.43mpg over the last 20k plus miles.
Now knowing that I can get my 91 tune back, I went ahead and loaded the XS tune for some testing......

p.s. I also lowered my hi/med fan to the bottom available 187, and the low to 186. Don't know if this is "right" or not, but we'll see.....
91 tune

Scott pmed me the same fix . It worked. I downloaded xm tune , and got the 91 tune back. I want to thank everyone for thier help.
Go to update program. It will tell you that your tuner is up to date. Select XM package. It will seem like nothing was downloaded, but it added the 91 tune to my flashpaq.
To everyone affected with the sickness I just want to apologize for the inconvenience this caused you and to thank you for sticking with us.

Everyone have a good weekend!

Thanks for helping me " Stay Tuned ".
Hooray! Thanks Superchips. Luckily I never did hook my Flashpaq up to the car after doing the Mileage XS update but have waited until this fix was released.

I recommend what others have already stated. Got to Control Panel, Add-Remove programs and get rid of the old SuperchipsUpdater. Go to the Superchips web-site and download then install the new version SC_Setup_20090107.exe.

Connect your Flashpaq and install the program. You will see 4 choices on the update menu.
Data Logging
Advanced Datalogging
Mileage XS
Restore 91 Octane Tune

Get whichever ones you want. I'll have to check it on my car now but the Updates went smooth and fast on my programmer. Hoping I'll have all my good ol' setting still available along with the new Fan Control and disable MDS for track days. From the comments posted about XS I'm so happy the 91 octane tune is back.
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:)When I did mine , there was was no restore 91 oct. tune option. I chose XS package , it works. I'm glad every is happy again. My Magnum responds very well to the 91oct. tune.
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