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i have a Chrysler 300c and need to add an amp to the factory system (just adding a sub amp and keeping the factory amp for the speakers). this is what was recommended to me but i figured i would see if someone has one laying around before i pay 100.00 for one let me know! thanks Gregg

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Have you tried looking into the David Navone NE-774 LOC? It runs about $35.

You can find it here: NE-774.

Here are the specs on it:

The NE-774V is a competition quality, four-channel OEM to aftermarket stereo adaptor that was designed to connect the speaker level outputs of a factory deck into the pre-amp level inputs of an aftermarket equalizer, electronic crossover, or power amplifier. The signal level of the NE-774V can be adjusted from a maximum of 9.5 Volts rms down to zero volts. The NE-774V replaces our previous N-774V and the main difference is in the Plug and Play wiring and connectors. The circuitry is identical to the 2-channel N-7V and N-777. Notice that the signal level adjustment pots are inside the plastic enclosure. Simply squeeze the lid for access to the adjustment pots. Turning the pots clockwise increases the signal level. We recommend leaving the internal pots at the maximum level unless there is a good reason to decrease the level. The NE-774V features full transformer isolation with a maximum useable signal level, and a smooth frequency response -- which means more signal and less noise. The NE-774V includes compensation for both frequency and phase with no loss of bass or treble. The maximum signal level output of the NE-774V is 9.5 Volts per channel. This is an incredible level and amounts to over 4 times the signal level of a typical aftermarket deck with only 2 Volts of signal.

Hope this helps.
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