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I want to start off by saying that I have no mechanical experience in my backround. I have a 300C SRT8, which I originally put on the Magnaflow exhaust. I was ready to do some more serious modding to my car so I called up Jeremy with PowerPorted Performance. I was interested in the head package with all upgrades. After many phone calls I decided to order the self install kit with the head package and do it myself. I have to say that Jeremey was there to answer all my questions no matter how long it took and assure me I could do this. He also told me that he wanted to know the day I did the install because he wanted to be available for me if I had any questions during the process. I took the plunge and a few days later received the whole package. To my amazement there was a mobile DVD video player in the self install kit to play the install DVD out at the car. This way I could go step by step and pause and play as needed. Awsome!! I followed the steps and took off all the old parts and put all the new ones back on. I also added Kooks headers and hi-flo cats. The whole process took me about 24 hours across 2 days. Remember though I have NO experience and I took breaks, this time also included installing the Kooks headers and new cats. The kit came with every tool needed to do the job and Jeremy received a few calls from me throught the process just to make sure I was doing things correctly. Guess what?? He answered every time I called and stayed on the phone until I was comfortable to proceed to the next step. The DVD was great and made the removal and install process very easy. Jeremy even wanted to be on the phone when I started the car back up for the first time. I can not say enough good things about the quality of service Jeremy gave and how helpful he was. The car is amazing. I called Jeremy back and had my PCM flashed with the stage2 from B&G. My car is insane quick and very different. I have never done a dyno and probably never will. I go off my own feeling in the car. I can tell there is a hugh difference. I have a friend with a Z06 and my brother has a regular Vette. I took them both for a ride and the only word they could say was WOW!! With the B&G flash the shifts are perfect with no hesitation in my car and it pulls hard until you take your foot off the pedal. I think the only other thing I will do is change my air intake. It is not stock but the one I have is not the greatest either. I think I can pick up a little more air flow with a better intake. I would recommend this project to anyone thinking of doing it and you can feel confident that Jeremy will be there every step of the way.

Thank you Jeremy and good luck to all my fellow forum members.


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Thanks for the full report, ramtough.

I'm considering P+P heads and intake for the hemiwagn.

But there are 3 things I need to resolve first:
1. I'm in the middle of a few other mods (primarily appearance) and don't want to bite off more than I can chew.
2. My car consistently dyno's 20HP less than other SRT8's. I want to investigate this further before I confuse things with other performance mods.
3. I really want to hear about the long rumored Mopar P+P heads.

Still, of all the aftermarket P+P heads, I'm leaning towards PPP. Indy, who does their work ,has a great reputation and Jeremey's info and followup on the few questions I've had has been very good.
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