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WOOT! Mopar LT headers/cats add 20 HP?

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Picked up the Mango this afternoon.

1st, what a disgusting day. Took my son to town court (he went swimming with some freinds and got busted for tresspassing) court cancelled.:sad:

Picked up a new awning for my camper. After installing the new awning, I discover the new awning has a hole in it!:sad:

Took the Power Wagon back to have alignment redone. (they had made it worse) I found out that the alignment rack wouldn't even lift the front end so they never should have touched it in the 1st place! :doh: Had to go to Sears for alignment. (DCX is paying for all this though)

OK enough of the rant.

The Lt headers/cats and hidden 3800# hitch reciever install went well. 5 hours for both. $225 total :thumbs_u:

Pulled out of the shop and noticed right away that the throttle response was a bit "snappier".

Drove about 5 miles down the road, pulled off into a convenient parking lot and loaded the Super Chips back in. I also reset the clock but that was all I had to reset after the battery disconnect during installation.

WOW, now she really feels snappy.

We went back to the neigboring town to the town court and dinner. This sucker really has a hot spot in mid range where it really takes a leap if you barely touch the gas.

The sound even W/the stock Daytona exhaust is awesome. While my son and I were waiting for the women folk outside the restuarant we could hear every cylinder hitting @ idle. It really "ticks over" nice. Very even steady rum, rum, rum @ idle.

All evening I am getting my rocks off. You can really hear the roar through those thin header walls when the load pedal is massaged. There is even a nice little bit of drone cruising @ 2100 RPM.

Now for the good part. I loaded data logging onto the flashpaq last night and made some base runs before the header/cats install. Best run last night was 14.04 @ 101 MPH. Temperature 70*.

Tonite, 68*, best run 13.84 @ 103 MPH. Thats a 2/10 improvement in E.T. and 2mph better top end.:not_worth

These are Superchips data log times. All runs in both direction were about .2 faster across the board.

I can't wait to get to Napierville dragstrip on the evening of the 25th. If we get a cool nite, and if the improvements hold good on the strip, W/some little track tricks, I hope to get into 13.6s maybe 13.5s. Maybe 104-105 MPH.:racing:

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Great goin on that PW!!! Not a bad way to finish off the other unpleasantness, eh?
Good prices for all that too!
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