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Who has made the most power with a 3.5?

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Just wondering what kind of beating the 3.5 can take. Anyone pushed the heads off one? I may be looking to fab up a turbo kit on a 3.5. I have fabbed up a few turbo kits... 3.8L V6 Fbody (275WHP / 295RWTQ on 5.5 psi) and a 3.5L I-5 Colorado 7psi. Any hold backs on the 3.5 for boosting them?

Thanks Fellas!
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I dont think anyone knows yet.
Heads are still comming out. Cams are out but the track results wont be in till all the tracks open. Modern Muscle is working on a supercharger kit for the V6.
I think they still have a ways to go on seeing how much the stock block can hold.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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