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Where can I find in channel ventvisors like these?

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I contactd the guy on ebay 100 times, he said they were coming in, no response. I DO NOT want the ones for the outside, had 2 sets come loose, lots of headaches and they were done right.

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I dont know if a supporting vendor has them or not but you can get them direct from the source at http://www.weathertech.com
oldschool said:
Awesome find! But it sucks because they want an astronimical price for them ($106 w/ship) and the vendor I saw on ebay sold a set for $43 but he is out of stock. Errrrr! I hope someone here is a vendor for 'em! Thanks!

WOW, $43 is a GREAT price... I doubt you will find them that cheap anywhere else... But got my fingers crossed for ya! I have ordered from weathertech directly at least 4 times now for various cars and service was awesome. Same day shipping if I remember correctly, and I am 100% sure I had my order in within about 3-4 days. Oh and I have read on here that if you have any problem (one person even broke his because he installed them with it too cold outside and flexed them too much) they will ship you a replacement no questions asked! Of course, if you can find them half price elsewhere, then I would jump on it! Just thought I would pass along my experience.
legmaker72 said:
I wonder since the GTS rear window deflectors follow the window line all the way down to the back part of the window, if they would create wind drag and noise more so. I like the fact they are lower profile, but I hate when they put there logo on them in white...
Most all I have seen that have the decals / logos on them (GTS and Weathertech both) are nothing more than either vinyl stickers (GTS) or plastic clear stickers (Weathertech). Either of which can be removed quite easily... Also, to the one who asked the question about painting them, yes it can be done, I cant find any pics, but I have seen it done on other cars, I personally dont like it, I prefer them to be dark black, and as close to the window as possible, as to blend in with the window tint.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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