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Wheel alignment specs

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What are the wheel alignment specs for 2005 SXT RWD? I've looked everywhere and can't find any numbers. I feel my car could use a bit more caster because the wheel won't return to straight ahead after a sharp turn without help.
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These cars have a ridiculous amount of caster - like 9 degrees. If your wheel is not returning you may have issues with the rack.
Wow, 9 degrees? That's about 2 or 3 times the caster I'm familiar with. I find the steering is stiffer in cold weather.
Yeah, it’s inherited from the Mercedes design. It could be way out of spec and still have a lot of positive caster. Have you flushed your P/S fluid lately? All it needs is ATF+4 to refill.
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Toe only. Caster and camber are fixed unless you install aftermarket adjustable parts. From the FSM:

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Thanks guys. Fluid has never been flushed AFAIK. I'll look into that. The steering effort seems to have a high degree of friction compared to feedback.
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