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I know I'm a car nut, because I'm drawn to any movie or television series where there's an emphasis on the cars or at least a signature car, even if the plot, dialogue and acting sucks, if there's a lot of cars and drifting and racing, I'm gonna see it. In no exact order:

Vanishing Point
Transporter 1 & 2
Blues Brothers
Knight Rider
Talladega Nights
Fast and the Furious (all of them)
Dukes of Hazzard (even if I didn't like the stupid car jumps)
Miami Vice
Batman Begins (c'mon, everyone wants a tumbler)
Cannonball Run and all the Smokey iterations
Back to the Future (all of 'em)
all the Bond cars
CSI (LV and Miami)

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The Wraith
Days Of Thunder (the movie sucked, but the rental car scene was tops.)

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You're all too young! The classic car movie is American Graffiti, but the movie that got me interested in cars was Rebel Without A Cause.

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Bullit tops my list.

I went to the drive in W/a hot blonde while it was playing and I actually watched the whole movie!

I'm telling my age now.

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Hi Everyone!! :)

One of my favourites is one I just discovered. It's called 'The Seven Ups'. A great 10 minute car chase 'staring a couple of Pontiacs'!!

Here's my list. [I'm sure I'm forgetting a few]

In no particular order.

The Seven Ups
Vanishing Point
Duel [responsible for my 'need' to have 425 h.p.!!]
The Driver
Hot Rods to Hell [It's so horrible - it's wonderful!!]
The Last Boyscout
The French Connection
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!!
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [an edited in addition - thanks to Wheelife!!]

[Oh no - I've gone blank!! I'll add more if I can think of any]

Rockford Files on DVD. [there was always a good car chase in every episode] Same with Hawaii Five-O. [But it's not on DVD yet]

Craig!! :)

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Tough one

Bullitt is on top of my list

Then (here's one many may not remember- Except for you Art!)
Hollywood Knights (Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer.Fran Drscher.,Robert Wuhl when all of them were nobodies Unreal cars from the 60's

Then American Graffitti (Guess my age yet??)

Gone in 60 seconds (Nicholas Cage remake)

Blues Brothers (Wildest car chase in movie history IMO)

THere are many others

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American Graffiti tops my list
Blue Brothers another great one
Cars was a surprise one for me, great movie well done, a car with a tramp stamp :)

There are a lot there that I have not seen,

Vanishing Point

BUt I would have to say Canonball Run, and the Smoky & The Bandit movies as a kid were an influance on me to some degree.

Oh yea what about TRON ! Those damn bikes ! And there was that TV show that had a computer generated charater that got around in I want to say a Lambo, it was a 1 season wonder at best sometime in the early 80's

Star Wars and the Speeder Bikes :) While not a car still one of the coolest ways to get around :D


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Vanishing Point (the original not the remake). I used to take my Hemi Challenger to the drive-in (remember those?) whenever it was playing.

The Driver

The Italian Job (great driving in the original and the remake)

Grand Prix (1966 - James Garner did the driving in all his scenes - it won 3 Oscars - rent it!)

Just about anything Grinner has put up here (does that count?)
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