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What is different RWD/ AWD

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I have had my 05 R/T AWD for about 4 weeks and love it. But I am Just wondering about some of the differences. Besides the obvious. Like what is the diff between floor mats, Whats up with the wheels and is there any other wierd things that we should know about? What are the specs on the AWD wheels? I did a seach and did not find much. Thank Everyone.
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  • The AWD is actually geared lower to make up for the extra weight (400lbs?) of the AWD system the car has to car.
  • You will turn a few hundred RPM's higher than a non-AWD car will as a result of the gearing.
  • AWD cars use the smaller V6 rear differential (even R/T's) since they don't send 100% through the rear.
  • There is a hump in the passenger floorboard due to the transfer case.
That's all I can think of...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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