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What did you do to your LX today

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I started the day with some tire abuse on the way to work :wink: :racing:

Followed that up with a wash, wax and a full detail. Emptied the catch can.

Your turn, What did you do.....?
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That looks awesome! I wonder if it's compatible with mine that has the separate foglight button.
Mine had a seperate foglight button and I replaced it with one of the newer style knobs. Works without any modification!
That looks awesome! I wonder if it's compatible with mine that has the separate foglight button.
Sorry, that had already been answered. I'm reading this thread sdrawkcab backwards.
If you have basic soldering skills it's not difficult at all. Took maybe 30 minutes to do.

Only hard part was trying to get the knobs off. Just make sure everything is off and turned to the left and the knobs pop right off so you can open the unit up. After that just desolder the old lights and solder in the new ones. I didn't reuse the bases of the bulbs.
Where did you source the new leds?
Sorry if this has been answered I'm on mobile so I'm slowly picking through this thread.
Cleared my p0128 cel and reset tcm adaptation with my i2. Broken iat sensor I believe is throwing the code.
Fortunately it doesn't look that bad and far more importantly you're obviously fine! I assume this was the other guy's fault entirely so hopefully this wont cost you anything...
Everyone was fine. Yeah wasn't my fault. Very thankful there wasn't more damage. The other car was far worse.
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That sucks! Sorry it happened to you, but doesn't look bad at all and hopefully you can prove to them it's their fault. Have you got a dash cam?
No dash cam fortunately the lady I hit knew she was in the wrong. We are also with the same insurance company which made things easier also. Panel beater thinks he is busy for months before he can look at it which isn't good.
Pic with the brakes and wheels

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Oh my god
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Not today but yesterday I replaced the esp sensor that lives under the centre console and after 2 years my esp bas and traction control lights went off! *♂
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