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Wednesday nights in Mt Dora, FL

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Mt Dora
Every Wed from 6 - 9
Held at Backyard Boys Bar-B-Que, 18660 Highway 441, and featuring door prizes, music by WJBJ
and discounts for cruisers. For more info, call (352) 383-3800

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who cares about the money:roll: how is the fooood:pepper:
The food is great and cheap, but I don't think they have an Self Serve Ice Cream Machine Willie!! :tinfoilhat:

Plus you get 10% off with your key tag! :thumbs_u:

Thanks for posting this Amanda. :mrgreen:
Last time Matt won 50$$$$$$$
That was Tara who won. I was off by 1 number :blah:
Mount Dora is my home town. I was born there and graduated high school there. I worked in the citrus groves in those parts before the freezes of the '80's killed off nost of the trees.

This will be a good excuse for me to cruise up there some Wednesday!
Yeah my Girl's go to Tavares High School (go Bulldog's) lol... :tinfoilhat:

Yeah give us a head's up when your get the urge to travel.

It's a small town show, in fact I was the only LX there last time I went, but it's still a good time. :)
i'm there for some BBQ, wont get there till after 6:00 or a little after (save a spot)
Sweet! See you there, we'll hold a spot for you. :)

Come in the left side of lot and drive around back, it's a horseshoe drive.
I will be waiting to see what the weather does this afternoon :( Supposed to be stormy
yeah I think the rain is supposed to be gone by 2 or so, then clear and cool. I'll call you after 3 and let you know how it's lookin over here. Even accuweather says it's a quick little storm. :thumbs_u:
Just checked and the show is still on. Rain has been gone for about 2 hours now and the roads are dry as a bone. Just windy and cloudy.

Mmmmm I'm ready for some BBQ! :thumbs_u:
Congrats to r/t Todd. Winner of the 50/50 for 45 bucks and the 50 dollar door prize!


Too funny!
No way!!! double winner??? Sweet
Yeah he's a Lucky guy :thumbs_u: I should give him the money to buy me one of those New

Powerball tickets! lol....
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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