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We have lost one of our own.

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Cpl. James Lindsey (jtl13f)
Charlie Co., 3rd regiment, 509th Parachute Infantry Division
Killed April 12th, 2007 by a roadside bomb

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a web site that I'm affiliated with to see if I could find a soldier to "adopt". We had tried Soldiers Angels and other organizations without any real success. Almost as if on cue, Cpl. Lindsey posted this thread:


...indicating that he was in Iraq and had just re-upped until 2012. "Perfect!" I thought to myself. I contacted him via PM and had arranged to send he and his buds all kinds of good stuff. Yesterday, the first box of stuff, including a brand new inkjet printer, was dropped off at the post office. Today...we find out that he has been killed in action. I feel like I've been gut-shot. I've never met the man and I'm sitting here with tears welling up to the point I can hardly read what I'm typing here.

He had a close call recently as some of you noticed in this thread:


...but 8 days later, another bomb took his life. I only exchanged a few messages with him but he struck me not only as a great kid but also a soldier that we could all be very very proud of.

A little bit ago I received an email from who I believe to be a close friend of his in response to a query I had sent and she confirmed his passing.

Whatever your beliefs, I'd like to ask you all to pray for him and his family.

Rest in peace, James. Rest in peace.

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Our prayers go out to his loved ones................

....thank you for sharing, Glenn.
Oh, God, No. What a shame. I will definitely pray for his family. That really hits close to home.
There is so much wrong with our world today. Moments like this make me wonder why humanity is worth saving.

My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to his family and his young wife.
How very sad.
His family has my prayers.

I too have "extended" famliy serving and hope for thier safe return.
Very sorry to read this. My prayers go out to his family.

My younger brother's going back for his third tour in Iraq in December and he'll be serving 18 months. Mom and I are on pins and needles already.
His family will be in my prayers. I personally dont know anyone killed in this war, but this is the closest. I had chills reading that. When he posted his close call story i couldnt believe how lucky he was. Do you know how his widow is, I mean do they have young children etc??? Maybe we can set up some fund or donate something to his family, just to let them know we appreciate his sacrifice. I know we are all crazy about our cars but there isn't anyone here that wouldnt mind donating for this cause and maybe post-poning a mod.
Sad, Very Sad, Best wishes and prayers to his family from mine.
I sit here feeling just empty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Please let his widow know if there is anything we can do, we are there for her.
My prayers will be many for his family through this tough time, He is a TRUE American in my book!!! This was very hard for me to beleive I just read the other post last week where he survived that awful blast. This gave me chills to read and had to wipe away the tears, James should be remembered by us on this forum in someway.
God bless him and his family. I'm very sorry for their loss. I thank him for allowing us to live free and have fewer worries because of his courage to defend our freedoms and our country. If there's a fund to be established in his name or for his family, I would like to donate.
Wow... He was from my neck of the woods.. Florence Alabama!

This sucks! Definitely puts your own "bad day" into perspective doesnt it!

See more pics, learn more about him here: http://www.myspace.com/livingitupinalaska
I'm sitting here beside myself reading this. I had just sent James a painted engine cover for his car. He was so excited to get one from me and he was so looking forward to coming home to install it. There are really no words to describe how I feel right now. I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach. I am so sorry for his family. Is this war really worth this?
I remember that thread where he discussed re-upping. God bless him and his loved ones. What a terrible senseless loss.
I found his wife's myspace page and I'll contact her on our behalf and see what we can do for her.
Is this war really worth this?
:wtf: Is there anybody not asking themselves this question?

Still, regardless, this kid was willing to fight it for us at any cost. I have a cousin (20 yrs old) in Baghdad right now... this just ain't cool. I'm left feeling a little sad, and a lot angry. There are some things that I just can't understand and war is one of them. My heart goes out to his widow, who is suffering something nobody should have to. Please find out if there is anything the family needs, especially if there are children. If there are, I think it's safe to say they have a couple thousand uncles right here to try to ease the burden.

...Only the good die young

This one's for you man! :carryflag:friday:
Gentlemen, let us NOT contaminate this moment with conjecture and banter about political issues. Let us remember to be thankful for the American Soldier, let us say a prayer for this strong and valorous young mans family, let us make sure that we comtemplate what sacrifice truly means.
May God recieve this brave man into his bosom and treat him with the loving tenderness that a hero should recieve.
God bless his family and comfort them in this terrible moment....
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Wow...I remember reading his close call last week...and now this. I just don't get it....how many more good guys have to lose before we bring them home....

May he rest in peace and his family blessed in these times....
Dawson...let us know what you find out. My thoughts and prayers to James' family....may he rest in peace.
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