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Got bored, tires are due to change @4/32 now so......, never tried the Tazer line lock and only experienced launches with the Wavetrac.
It shifted into 2nd so I let off the brake and buttons and feathered out of the throttle as it gained speed. Didn't expect the shift but was all quite enjoyable to me. Maybe get tips on doing this kind of thing?

Nothing but good things to say about the Wavetrac differential. I don't have any time in front of a Getrag but the Wavetrac really provides a noticeable difference compared to an open diff without traction control preventing wheel spin.

The acceleration from a slow roll or any situation under power without wheel spin can be an eye opener. 0-60 times improved. My first aggressive right hander from a stop was a surprise. With no braking involved from ESC or ABS and all of my spark timing its quite noticeable.

Anyway, just bored and ready to go in for tires.


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My Wavetrac has been in for 6 years now and not a single complaint from me! Has done quite fine for daily, winter, autox and HPDE duties. Traction instead of spinning is so nice. And being of helical geared design there are no clutches to wear out!
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