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Hey everyone I would like to install the MY GIG unit in my 2005 300C 5.7

I know I need the nav unit bezel and of course the MY GIG along with the wiring harness. What im really after is, has the clock issue been resolved? or is that an on going thing still? I read some where that someone had worked it out but of course cant find the thread on it.

Any input would be great and if you have done this mod if you can let me know what you had to do!!

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Quoting 300MAG:

To sum it up really quick, when it was first introduced there were bugs to be worked out. They have since been resolved, The 3 issues were:
1) load audio spikes from right speaker when nav voice came on- This was fixed by Coastal with updated revision of the adapter, These was correct within about 2 weeks of the initial release of the adapter.
2)No sirius sat info on the evic display- This has been fixed by using Terk sir-sp splitter and spitting the roof anttenna signal to the old sat tuner in the rear of the car and the mygig.
3)The clock on mygig didn't work-This has been fixed with the help of immo, PM Immo first, if not I'm sure somebody else would be willing to help.

This is what I recommend for your install:

1)MYGIG- RER-****low speed model only****Chrysler part# 5064401AH or higher revision ,part# ending in AI or AJ
2)Coastal MYGIG adapter lockpick***Do not get confused with MYGIG lockpick***
Currently coastal only makes the adapter, any day or week Dom from Nav2go(supporting vendor) will have his adapter released and for sale. If you can wait, wait for Dom. He has top notch service, coastal can be flakey at times.
3)Terk Sir-SP splitter
4)Nav antenna for MYGIG
5)Sirius sat antenna extension cable - Chrysler part#05064159AD(2 may be required depending in how you route it)
6)Mygig Mic-Avaiable from coastal for $20 or I recommend Mopar mic part#82211743AB for about $35-40. I experienced problems with missed voice reconigtion with the coastal mic.
7)Clock fix

Found in this thread: http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php?t=125940&page=37

Ive thought about it myself...it seems you MAY be able to use an 08 MyGig bezel.
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Thanks for the link steve ill send IMMO a pm and get some info off of him. Thanks once again!
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