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Update on stuck MSRT-8

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Well i called over there and The service manger is telling me it is a Power trane control module went bad...Now they have to order it and i have to wait till Monday for it ...thats where i get upset...They have 4 other ones on the lot take one from that car and put it in mine...i have a 148 miles wouldnt you think they would want to make me happy...guess not...So i have to F***ing wait now til its finished and god know whats going to get damaged sitting there outside or where ever it is.....
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ooops cant do that

That is sooooo against Daimler/Chrysler policy. New cars have to stay new, they can not be used as parts cars...would you buy one that had had parts picked from it, and then replaced later.....serial numbers wouldnt match..
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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