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Update on stuck MSRT-8

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Well i called over there and The service manger is telling me it is a Power trane control module went bad...Now they have to order it and i have to wait till Monday for it ...thats where i get upset...They have 4 other ones on the lot take one from that car and put it in mine...i have a 148 miles wouldnt you think they would want to make me happy...guess not...So i have to F***ing wait now til its finished and god know whats going to get damaged sitting there outside or where ever it is.....
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Maggie said:
If someone ever would have contacted me, fine.
But after five weeks of trying nearly daily to speak with anyone that has a clue ...
I'll never buy another DCX.
The customer service line basically told me to shove it earlier this week.
If it has truly been in the shop for 5 weeks for the same issue, that is grounds for a lemon law buy back/replacement. Stop calling DCX and call a lawyer.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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