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Update on stuck MSRT-8

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Well i called over there and The service manger is telling me it is a Power trane control module went bad...Now they have to order it and i have to wait till Monday for it ...thats where i get upset...They have 4 other ones on the lot take one from that car and put it in mine...i have a 148 miles wouldnt you think they would want to make me happy...guess not...So i have to F***ing wait now til its finished and god know whats going to get damaged sitting there outside or where ever it is.....
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wbornio said:
That sucks.

Did you get a rental or courtesy car?
Im supossed to but i didnt as of yet...And what boggle's me how can that go so quick...and my car didnt seem to have that 1-2 shift bog now watch ill probadly get it.......:sad:
fnkychkn said:
if they were to borrow a PCM from a stock vehicle, yours wouldn't even start. once programmed to a vehicle, the PCM looks to match it's programming to the SKIM code. if they don't match, car won't start. while some parts can be "borrowed", the PCM is not one of them.
how long did it sit on their lot before you bought it? was it damaged then?
a PCM is like a light bulb. it can fail right out of the box or it can last forever. just be thankful it failed while under warranty.
I guess before i was mad so no i wouldnt want my car used to supply over cars either so you guys are right,,,IM BAD...Anyways my car sat on the lot for maybe 3 months tops it has a production date of 5-06

Hey fnkychkn will this change the way my can ran i didnt seem to have that 1-2 shift bog delay whatever its called...So will it still feel the same way...maybe even faster now could it have had been defective right off the bat ...Oh boy maybe it will run even better now......
Also they said the part should be in Monday does anyone know how long it takes or where the Power trane module is????? Oh what does that do excatly too...the car ran like crap when i had tried to get it started like it was running of 4 cyl's sounded really bad back firing ...so i hope it comes back sounded good again......
fnkychkn said:
not sure how it will behave with the new PCM. one thing for sure, it will have the very latest software. this thread shows PCM location. the powertrain control module controll all engine functions.
Oh really whats the new software??? Did they update some stuff?
fnkychkn said:
the new PCM is "virgin", meaning it only has very basic software to enable the flash process. this way they can use the same hardware for many different applications. once installed, it must be flashed with your vehicle's operating software. they are updating software all the time.
Thank you for answering my questions you made me feel alot better....I was scared thinking it might come back worse ...or not running like it did...
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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