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True Ram Air intake for $10.

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Hummm... I was thinking WARNING this could be dangerious! :)

I wonder if you couldnt modify something similar to a dryer vent like they use on a house. The flaps open when the dryer runs to allow the hot air to escape. Take these flaps and add a small servo motor and a switch and you could open the flaps when dry out and close them in the rain. Air will still get into the airbox from the stock system if left in tact. Hell for that matter a second servo could close off the stock hole when the damper opens in the grill.

But now I'm thinking even harder....this could get real dangerous

Make a damper for the end of the tube and connect it to a servo. Like throttle plate...Ok you guys take it from here I got this thing started. :)
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1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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