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Transfer case noise :(

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My transfer case is getting louder now on my 2014 300 5.7 :(

Its a low grinding/bearing like noise that is constant in AWD or RWD. It quiets down a bit on accel but is getting louder for sure on decel and coast. You can't hear it from outside the car driving down the street, but you can really hear it inside!

Think its worth swapping the fluid in hopes it will quiet down? What fluid should I use if so?

Are the 2015+ AWD transfer cases the same as the 2014s? I see lots to chose from used which is good, just looks like the output shaft flange is different but I don't know if it just bolts on or not?

Thanks for any help :)
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Once a bearing goes, switch fluid wont help if the bearing is the failed part. Couldnt hurt to drain fluid to see condition though.
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Would this Mobil 1 synthetic transmission fluid work for the transfer case?:

Mobil 1 should be a good trans fluid choice.
Dang these forums are dead :(
I wonder if it is because of lesser sales. Do less people have LX cars?
Could be, sales are definitely not what they used to be :(

Good news though is that its not my transfer case making the noise, but the driveshaft centre carrier bearing. I swapped it out on the weekend and so far, no more noise :) I didn't think it was going to fix it as I got under there with a stethoscope and the carrier bearing sounded pretty good but the front of the trans sounded louder. I started putting it all back together as the rubber on the bushing looked decent, and then said screw it I'm doing it anyways and am glad I did now :)

I'm still going to switch the fluid this weekend (ran out of time Monday,) with some synthetic trans fluid maybe...
Great that you found the problem, good diagnostics!
Dang these forums are dead :(
Yeah, unfortunately it seems to be Facebook that has killed them. Personally I like forums over Facebook, the forums are more permanent and easier to search on.

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