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Hello All,
I have a 2018 Dodge Charger RT and looking to change my pads and rotors both front and rear
I’m looking for torque setting for the caliber bolts that go into the slide pins as well as setting for the caliber bracket bolts.
when I did a search online i saw this The front brake caliper bracket should be tightened to 70 ft/lbs and the rear should tightened 85 ft/lbs. The caliper bolts have a torque spec of 44 ft/lbs and 23 ft/lbs in the rear.
Now I’ve seen Setting in a Haynes manual below highlighted in red that agrees with the 44 & 23 setting but not the 70 & 85
Which one is correct????

Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Magnum & Challenger 2005 thru 2018 Haynes Online Manual

Brake fluid typeSee Chapter 1
Disc brakes
Minimum brake pad thicknessSee Chapter 1
Disc minimum thicknessCast into disc
Disc runout limit
All except SRT80.0014 inch
SRT80.0012 inch
Parking brake shoe minimum thickness1/32-inch
Torque specificationsFt-lbs (unless otherwise indicated)
One foot-pound (ft-lb) of torque is equivalent to 12 inch-pounds (in-lbs) of torque. Torque values below approximately 15 ft-lbs are expressed in inch-pounds, because most foot-pound torque wrenches are not accurate at these smaller values.
Adjustable brake pedal assembly nuts18
Caliper mounting bolts (all models exc. SRT8)
2005 models
2006 and later models
Caliper mounting bolts (fixed calipers - SRT8 models)*
Models built on or before 8/30/12140
Models built after 8/30/12121
Caliper center support bolt (2016 and later SRT8 models)22
Caliper mounting bracket bolts (floating calipers; all models exc. SRT8)
2012 and earlier models
2013 and 2014 models
Models built on or before 8/30/12140
Models built after 8/30/12121
2015 and later models*
Brake hose-to-caliper banjo bolt**
2005 models (front and rear)32
2006 through 2014 models (front and rear)
All except SRT837
2015 and later models
All except SRT837
Rear (all models)27
Master cylinder-to-brake booster nuts***
2005 models19
2006 models18
2007 through 2012 models
MK25 master cylinder18
MK25E master cylinder132 in-lbs
2013 and later models17
Electric Vacuum Pump (EVP)-to-bracket bolts71 in-lbs
Power brake booster mounting nuts18
Wheel lug nutsSee Chapter 1
* Use new fasteners
** Use new copper washers
*** Use new mounting hardware and a new O-ring seal between the master cylinder and brake booster
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