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2021 Durango Tow N Go. Whipple 3.0 Hellcat Stage 2 Cam. Stage 2 Hellcat heads
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Hi Folks
I run a 2021 Durango, 5.7 Whipple. Heads, cam etc(Stock bottom end, trans)
I've switched to another tuner recently and we've discovered on my logs (VCM Scanner) that the "torque indicator fast path" pid is constantly changing.
Now the tuner I'm working with is very experienced with Mopars. He has gone back through other clients logs and has not seen the same reading. Normally he will see "unknown" and that's basically it.

Mine basically flickers through "VSS Limit"' "RPM LIMIT" "LV2Torque monitor" as well as "unknown" and 50 others

This occurs on both pcm's I have. I'm starting to wonder if the TCM needs to be reflashed or?
Im attaching a log file. I'm forever grateful if anyone has any clue


Apparently my log file is not able to load here?
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