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Timing Help

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Good evening fellow moparians…
So I’ve recently tore down my 2005 5.7 to add a cam, lifters, pushrods, springs and delete MDS. While I was in there I put in a new oil pump, water pump, timing chain and gear , front and rear seals as well as new crank and cam position sensors. Since then I haven’t been able to get the car to idle on its own. Have checked and rechecked the pushrods to make sure they’re seated correctly, and decided to pull the timing cover off to check the timing. I used a laser level to help me see the timing marks and make sure they’re lined up.. if any of you are familiar with this type of procedure can you tell by the pictures if this is correct?


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The only codes that show up are for the open circuits from the mds solenoids being deleted.
The car will run as long as I keep the rpm’s above 1000. If it helps the cam is HHP61CAM2R from HHP.
You did get a tune done for the cam right? Have to ask since I didn't see you mention it.
No tune yet, but I’ve been in contact with Johan, and he said it should at least idle on its own. Which brings me here for info … I need to know if the timing is correct… before I button it all up. I’ve done everything I could think of…check pushrods, replace all sensors. It still won’t idle…
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I don't know anything about that cam, but my guess is that it needs a tune. It sounds like you've done everything right (and thorough) so my thoughts are that at idle, it probably needs fuel and air adjustments made in the tune to account for the extra lift and duration of the cam.

Copy that, thank you sir, and if anyone can chime in and let me know if I’m missing anything I’ll button it up and get the tune done for it… I appreciate everyone’s time. I’ll post pics of the build once it’s all done!!!
When I put a 268 Comp Cam in my 5.7 - It did the same - basically wouldnt run at all until I got first tune from Johan
That’s good to know, I feel better about all the work done … I’ll get with Johan and get the tune done. Thanks again everyone.
Thanks everyone for the replies, I appreciate everyone’s input !
1 - 7 of 14 Posts