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Ask A Cop

Do you have an automotive-related legal question? Want to be able to ask a law enforcement officer about it straight up (before you get the answer on the side of the road)? This is where you do it. LxForums members who are also law enforcement officers (currently serving or retired) have volunteered to look over and answer your questions.


  1. No bashing of Law Enforcement or Law Enforcement Officers. Period. Be respectful. Think of it like you are on the side of the road, handing over your license and registration. There are places on this forum you can voice your complaints about traffic laws and enforcement. This isn't one of them and violators will be prosecuted by staff as thread crappers.
  2. No posts giving advice on how to violate, skirt or otherwise get around a legal situation. This too in these kinds of threads is thread crapping.
  3. All LEO's who are forum members are welcome to participate in any Ask A Cop discussion. Since we have found a way to open up entire threads, there's no need to make things complicated with registered volunteers. HOWEVER, we also ask our civilian members who have not asked the original question to refrain from using these threads for general discussion, attaboys, 'subscribed', 'x2' and the dreaded
    We don't want to be enforcing on-topic discussion but we do want these threads to be more focused for everyone's benefit. If your follow-up question is relevant to the original question, have at it. BUT please remember it will be more helpful to others who are searching if you start a new thread for a new question.
LEO Volunteers:
We know and understand that you may want to participate, but also keep your occupation private from the rest of the forum. To this end, ask MattRobertson privately for a user ID dedicated to and restricted to Ask A Cop threads. Give a brief description of what your experience as an LEO is (very very brief is fine). If you have no problem posting under your regular LxF username, that's fine.

Legal Stuff:

There is no guarantee that all questions will or can be answered. There is no legal weight to the answers given. If you rely on information here for any legal action and it doesn't work out in your favor, that's your problem. This is all just talk on an internet forum. If you want binding legal advice, get a lawyer.

How It Works

  1. Visit the Military and LEO subforum.
  2. Post a New Thread
  3. Just to the left of your thread title, in the prefix window, select 'Ask A Cop'.
Click to view the original image

Write up and post your question as usual. That's it.
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