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the Gods conspired against me - a pathetic story

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Before I tell you guys my story-of-the-day, you should know that I treat other Magnums (and their drivers) like Harley owners treat each other.

Well, I enter the freeway on ramp for my daily commute, and what do I see a mere 10 car lengths in front of me? You guessed it! another Magnum. Well, I just HAD to catch up and ackowledge my fellow brother (sister?).

I figure I should be able to close the gap easily and convey my approval in a way that is already playing out in my head:
1. I ease up alongside the mineral grey beauty.
2. I casually look over, smile, and wave.
3. I finally apply a bit more go juice and pull away while giving the big thumbs up. :thumbs_u:

I guess I planned my meeting too long, because just as I was about to change to an open lane, a big 4x4 comes lumbering up and blocks my way.

That's okay. I look the other way. Good it is moving faster at least. I move to the right lane instead. Uh oh. I get rubbed off by a Sanford and Son wannabee. Crap! No matter. I have an SRT8. I can conquer all! Back to my original lane. Where is the object of my attention? The distance has now doubled! Oh no. This isn't how it supposed to happen! Panic sets in. She is getting away!

I fruitlessly try numerous other combinations to close the gap to no avail, and then the other Magnum exits without ever knowing what I had planned. Alas, my affections have withered on the vine.

I told you it was pathetic.
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I know the "chase down to wave" feeling. I had the feeling come over me when I followed a black MSRT8 off the highway. Alas, I was turning left with family in the car going to dinner and the MSRT8 went right. I could not even pull along side either.

My wife told me I was sick.
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