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I just got back from picking my car up from Modern Muscle and again I walked away very satisfied (as bad as that may sound lol). I was having an oil consumption problem after I put my used S/S heads on. My oil pressure dropped out, so I took it into them. Four days later Justin called me telling me that i'm all set! Apparently some of the valve seals weren't good & they were able to fix them after some diagnosis. The best part about this was when I asked them what I owed them, Justin said not to worry about it!!

This was a problem not created by the install but with the heads, something they did not have to fix free of charge!

I've always been treated well by MM and just wanted to write a quick thank you to the guys there for dealing with my **** and helping me figure out what was going on with my ride :) - I will monitor them for the time being but i'm more than confident the problem has been fixed!!

Again thank you guys for helping a fellow LX'er out even if you work on our competition as well!!!!

Kudos to MM,

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The guys over at MM are great to work with! Always willing to explain and walk you through things step by step!
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