kit blower PAXTON NOVI 1500 polish for charger , 300c , magnum 5.7 and 6.1
-complet bracket with idler
-blower with 3'' pulley
-brand new hose ( feed et drain ) and all fitting
-8x injectors hellcat
-map sensor 2 bar
-tank of coolant
-air filter
-blowoff valve vortech
-brand new belt gates HD

I can add intercooler/piping (like in picture) for 400$ more
-brand new intercooler / piping kit
2 X 90 Degree Pipes
2 X 180 Degree U-Pipes
2 X 45 Degree Pipes
2 X Straight Pipes
16 X T-Bolt Clamps
2 X Elbow Hoses
6 X Straight Hoses
1x Aluminum Intercooler 31x11.5x3

I can ship... and I only accept paypal