Mileage:172932 KM
Trim:SRT Design
For sale is a heavily modified 2008 Chrysler 300 SRT design. This is an 800 hp (665 whp) beast, but is still extremely streetable as a daily driver. I tried to keep the mods very tasteful and did not cheap out on having it properly built and installed professionally.

List of mods include (but not limited to because I'll likely forget something):

- Built 392 (trying to find the build details and will update once found), purchased from and installed by Authentic Performance

- D1 ProCharger supercharger running 16psi of boost mmm, installed by Authentic Performance and dyno tuned by them and AJ (HemiTuner)

- 17% ATI pulley

- Paramount Conqueror series NAG1 transmission (built for 1000 ft pounds torque)

- Paramount Dominator torque converter built for supercharged application. New flex plate also from Paramount when transmission and torque converter were installed

- Walbro dual pump fuel with return system with anodized fuel rails, upgraded injectors (Deatscherks), etc to support the fuel demands. Second pump comes on at 6 psi boost to ensure adequate fuel pressure under load with a dash mounted led for a visual cue when pump is on

- Custom tcm tuned by AJ specific for build

- Eagle heads and 6.1L air manifold (doesn't require adapters with this configuration). Heads were refreshed with new engine a few years ago with new lifters, push rods

- Dual catch cans

- Killer Glass upper rad house

- Solid motor mounts

- Dynatech longtube headers, hi-flow cats, and Corsa Xtreme dual exhaust. A bung was installed for an additional O2 sensor specific for monitoring afr and connected to DiabloSport trinity (used to watch afr, boost, knock, etc)

- 3.91 geared challenger Getrag rear differential with upgraded clutches and also using the stronger half shafts

- Wilwood 15" rear brake conversion kit and Spohn performance suspension for running 15" drag rims

- Black Ops challenger style hood with mad eyelids and functional vents, as well as Quik-Latch (quick connect style) hood pins

- Aftermarket grill

- Racing stripes

- Removed side moldings from doors

- 22" Factory Reproduction rims

- Plasma halos in painted housing headlights

- Plasma halos in foglights (burnt out and was going to have them replaced via warranty, but then covid hit)

- Under dash switch installed for halos

I like to be very transparent and will disclose all issues I'm aware of because I've purchased vehicles in the past and lied to about their condition and had expensive repairs. I wouldn't intentionally do that to anyone so here are all the things wrong with the car that I can think of. She also has some quarks, which is expected from a car this heavily modified.

- No cruise control because ACC sensor was removed for intercooler. Components were kept to try to relocate mounting bracket, just never got around to it

- Tears in driver seats (seen in pics)

- Broken clip for sunglass holder

- Curb rash on some rims

- Starting to get rust bubbles under paint around rear passenger fender

- Front passenger tire prone to leaking, have had some plugs installed over the years, but they don't seem to last. I also believe that this tire is out of balance from the plugs and thrown weights. No shop in my area can seem to balance rims this big. Haven't looked around in a while. Start to feel a vibration at 120ish km/h

- Foglight halos not working (already mentioned)

- Car can smell a little like gas after filling up or when sitting for a bit, which is very common with aftermarket fuel systems

- Factory Cd player is wonky, but I just use a Bluetooth/FM transmitter to stream music from my phone

I can also include a bunch of the random spare parts I've accumulated over the years (factory grill, factory hood, factory engine cover, replacement half shafts, and a bunch of other stuff) as well as all of my drag tires. I have a pair of Racestar front runners, a pair of 15" Bogarts with M/T slicks, and a pair of 17" rims (will double check the brand, but I vaguely recall they were a common mustang style aftermarket rim that everyone was running) with drag radials.

This car ran 10.67 in the quarter mile with the drag radials. I never really got the chance to run the slicks much, only 2 passes and then had to leave the track. After that covid hit and I haven't been back to the track ever since.

I'd prefer to sell the car intact and not part out. She really is an awesome car. Like I said, you can drive her daily and she is very tame because of the centrifugal blower...until you give her a little juice then she becomes very wild! She is tuned for 93 octane so she doesn't need race fuel at the track or anything like that.

I'm looking to sell her for a few reasons. The first once is for financial reasons...too many vehicles. The second, I don't really have the time to race anymore and cars like this shouldn't be restricted to just city driving. Ultimately I'm looking at getting a manual transmission SRT8 challenger and would also consider a trade of sorts.

Due to file size restrictions I can only upload so many pics. If interested I can send more.

She was appraised at 50k a few years ago. I'm hoping this is a fair asking price, but feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Please message with any questions.