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My Magnum had about 6k when the sunroof started to rattle.
It is covered under the warranty but did not want to get the car back with a dirty headliner, so I fixed it myself.
I searched these forums with no detailed info before I started so I decided to help others with the same problem fix their Sunroofs.

Sun Roof Rattle (very loud) was cause only by 1 loose bolt on each side, sounded like all were loose.

Pulled down headliner (partial) on both sides and used loctite- blue on those bolts with 10mm head.

You need:
Philips #2 Screw driver
Torx T-20 Driver
Torx T-45 or slightly bigger but 45 worked for seat belt bolt.
10mm socket on a 1/4 ratchet, you need the offset
And a plastic trim tool ( looks like big tongue depresser)- your hands will do with good outward tugs close to Spring clips


Pillar A trim by windshield- just pull upper portion away from pillar. Squeeze black clip on plastic shaft.

The sun visor and visor clip- leave resting on dash.

Pillar trim between doors - pull up partial door sills on both front and rear- remove two screws, one under each side. Remove 2 screws under belt stay.
Remove screw in upper pillar trim-remove seat belt bolt- pull down and outward on the top trim.

Remove 2 screws from rear passage roof handle- leave hanging do not pull it there is no slack in wiring.

Carefully pull headliner from rubber trim around the doors and away from the sunroof trim .

See pics


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