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Sub install issue, im searching right now also.

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I just about finished my amp install on my 2006 Daytona Charger. I have the JL amp, and a 10 inch type R alpine sub. I had this in my last car and loved it, so Im just transfering it over to my new car. Everything is done, but im getting basically no sound out of the sub. The amp levels are all fine, and I even turned them up to check. My concern is how im getting the speaker input for the RCAs, and im guessing this is the problem. Im using one of those Speaker wire to RCA adapters, and I hooked it up to my stock Sub in the rear deck. This unit does have a 10ohm impedence level adjustment, and I went from one side to the other, and it went from No sound, to a tiny Hair of sound. Should I have used the 6x9s instead of the sub for this part? Thanks, ill contiue to search, but thought I would ask in hope of a faster reply. Thanks.
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BlackCharger06 said:
So where are the pics of this beast? :pepper:
What is it a case of you show me yours and I'll show you mine? hahahahahaah
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