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Stalling after re-fuel is finally being investigated

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DETROIT -U.S. auto safety regulators are investigating complaints that the engines in three Chrysler models can stall without warning.
The probe covers more than 192,000 Chrysler 300C luxury cars, Dodge Charger muscle cars and Dodge Magnum wagons from the 2006 model year. The cars have 5.7-liter or 6.1-liter V-8 engines.
The agency says it has 54 complaints from owners that engines stalled while the cars were being driven. In all cases the stalling happened after the cars were refueled. Forty-eight of the owners said they had several stalling incidents, and seven said they had trouble restarting the cars.
The agency says the number of complaints has increased, with half coming in the last eight months.Investigators will check how often the problem happens and determine if a recall is needed.


I submitted a formal complaint on:

It would be nice if you have this issue and live in the States to submit yours as well, it might help us with repair cost.

02/19/2014 UPDATE: Your 2005-2006 LX 19 gallon fuel tank has a lifetime warranty
Chrysler is extending warranties on fuel tanks in more than 153,000 older vehicles over complaints of engine stalling at low speeds, the government said Friday.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Friday it is ending its investigation into 153,817 2006 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Magnum vehicles equipped with 5.7L and 6.1L 8-cylinder HEMI engines after receiving nearly 300 reports that the engines may stall when the vehicle is stopped or traveling at low speeds.
The safety agency said the problem didn't represent a serious risk to auto safety and said Chrysler's solution was adequate.
NHTSA's decision came after Chrysler and a supplier developed a solution to the problem and extended lifetime warranty coverage on the vehicles' fuel tanks, NHTSA disclosed in a document posted Friday.
NHTSA said the multifunction control valve fuel shutoff float integrated into 19-gallon fuel tanks can swell in a stuck open position allowing an overfill condition.
"This condition causes fuel to enter into the purge line which may result in engine stall after refueling. Chrysler's investigation determined that the problem was related to dimensional changes/swelling of the float when exposed to fuels with high ethanol content," NHTSA said. "Chrysler and its supplier, Stant, developed new fuel soak test requirements to address the condition and extended the warranty period on 19-gallon fuel tanks to lifetime coverage."
NHTSA said there were 299 unique reports indicating that the fuel system allowed an overfill condition after refueling, and the predominant failure mode identified involved stalling when stopped or traveling at low speeds.
"The condition that is causing the majority of stalling incidents in the subject vehicles occurs at a stop or low speed and allows the vehicle to be restarted immediately. The condition represents a low risk to motor vehicle safety and is adequately addressed by Chrysler's extended warranty," NHTSA said.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140214/AUTO0101/302140065#ixzz2tmONvAa1

From Carfinish post #126
ok so a little digging...looks like covers 05 to 06 hemi or cars with 19 gal tank

here is the letter to go out and it states the Multifunction Control Valve is culprit produced by Stant.

and Lookup of the valve lead to this... which looks like it is part of the fuel pump basket... so maybe they are not going to replace the whole tank but just part of the fuel basket??


04/22/2014 UPDATE: Dealer TSB Information:
from FNKYCHKN found on post #201 of this thread


Fuel System

April 22, 2014

Engine Stall Immediately Following Fuel Tank Fill-Up (X53 Lifetime Warranty Extension)

This bulletin involves replacing the fuel tank with a revised part.

2005 - 2006 LX 300/Charger/Magnum

NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles equipped with a 19 gallon fuel tank (sales
code NFK).

Some customers may experience an engine stall condition just after filling the fuel tank.
The integral mulit-functional control valve may allow liquid fuel to enter the evaporative
emissions system causing a rich fuel condition when the purge system is initiated..

If the customer describes the symptom/condition, perform the Repair Procedure.

Qty. Part No. Description
1 CNSTX531AA Tank, Fuel
1 CNSTX532AA Package, O-Ring & Fastener

1. Replace the fuel tank. Refer to the detailed removal and installation procedure
available in DealerCONNECT> Service> TechCONNECT> Service Info> 14 - Fuel
System> Fuel Delivery> Fuel Tank> Removal/ Installation.

Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.

NOTE: Vehicles included in this Service Bulletin have a lifetime warranty for this
repair. See Warranty Bulletin; U.S. D-14-05, Canada SAB 2014-08, Mexico
BG-06-14 or International ID-14-01 for details associated with the extended

this is the Canadian bulletin. us bulletin is similar but mailing address and possibly phone numbers are different.


To announce an Extended Warranty for the Fuel Tank on certain 2005-2006MY Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum vehicles.
This warranty has been extended to lifetime coverage.

Effective Immediately

Always check VIP to verify if a vehicle is involved in a warranty extension. A vehicle involved in this warranty extension will display an X53 Fuel Tank message in VIP. If the X53 coverage message does not display in VIP, no further action is required on your behalf.
All technicians should familiarize themselves with technical Service Bulletin 14-002-14 before replacing the Fuel Tank on referenced vehicles. The release of the technical Service Bulletin is to assist all dealers in the proper diagnosis and replacement of the Fuel Tank.
The Global Claim System (GCS) will only honour the extended warranty coverage on the labour operation number(s) referenced in the technical Service Bulletin.

Additional Information:
If a customer has already experienced this concern and has already paid to have it repaired, the customer should send their original receipts and/or other adequate proof of payment to the following address for reimbursement:

Chrysler Customer Care
P.O. Box 1621
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4H6

Attention: Reimbursement
Customers with questions or concerns about this issue are to contact their dealership. In the event further assistance is necessary, customers should to contact 1-800-465-2001 (English) or 1-800-387-9983 (French).

You should have received a letter from Chrysler, if not you could try calling 800-992-1997 to find out if your VIN is included.
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I just replaced my fuel tank on a 06 srt8 300. Called the CARE line and the person on the phone acted as if they'd never heard of this before. After I politely gave her the STAR case pertaining to this issue, that just came out 4 months ago, she said huh....Chrysler still won't help me pay for my tank. Hopefully all of us who bought 800 dollar gas tanks can be reimbursed at least, much like they did with the shifter issue. I did fill out a complaint on that site recently
I just added my car and contact info to the list of complaints. I'm glad I never fixed mine now. If they need a car to witness the event mine does it on every fill up.
"Good news"
I will add mine.
Typing in my phone to subscribe.
About time. If it is recalled you will see how fast Chrysler figures out how to service the tank.

And, I thought this affects 2005s as well? If so make sure you let them know if your 2005 is doing it. Make sure your car is actually doing this if you complain. Don't waste our taxpayer dollars chasing you down.

Mine did this on my drive home from the dealer after I filled it up. I have gone through another tank of gas and it has not done it this time. However I feel I need to submit this.
About time, mine cost $1800, new evap pump, tank and charcoal canister. a reimbursement would be great
I finally filed a complaint................

thank you for bringing this up i will definately file a complaint right now before i forget!!
aww sh*t dont have my vin number handy i guess i will fill out when i get off of work
Thanks and beans for posting this. I have had the problem and submitted a complaint as well.

Even if you have already paid to have your tank replaced, please submit a complaint. If enough reports are submitted a recall could potentially pay to have the tanks in affected cars replaced and reimbursements for those that have paid for the repair.
I *almost* got a police report to help follow up on this tonight. Mine stalled 5 times after fueling tonight - in front of a cop that came out of the same gas station who witnessed the whole thing. He had to put the yellow warning strobes on to direct traffic around me, but I couldn't for the life of me get him to write an incident report that would be worthwhile for this... :/
I *almost* got a police report to help follow up on this tonight. Mine stalled 5 times after fueling tonight - in front of a cop that came out of the same gas station who witnessed the whole thing. He had to put the yellow warning strobes on to direct traffic around me, but I couldn't for the life of me get him to write an incident report that would be worthwhile for this... :/
damn that would of helped out a whole lot
I haven't filled my tank in a long time, mainly because I read about this problem. I will have to fill up soon...even though I have an '05.
Hmmm so does this not occur in the 08 and Later Gen I's and the V6 Models? Ive havent had mine filled in a longtime, but never noticed anything when it was...
I Just put mine up great news for sure mine cost 1300 dollars and I still have the receipt hopefully this will become a recall soon I need the money for more mods thanks for the info

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About ****ing time. FFS, fix this **** already!
I submitted my complaint. Happens to me every other time i fill up!
Just submitted my complaint, too. Thank you very much for the link. Mine stalls occasionally even DURING fueling, before the pump clicks off. I don't top off the tank yet I suffer the stalling issue if I come anywhere close to filling it up. To avoid the problem on my car I have to watch the gauge and stop between 3/4 and full. 2006 300C SRT8.

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