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SRT owners, your opinion?

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I know you will all be fairly biased, haha, but I need an honest opinion.

The dealership I bought my R/T Charger (R&T package) from in June called and offered me an upgrade for 100 more a month then what I'm paying now. They have a red SRT Magnum (the only magnum I really like) and it's not selling.

The parts manager is a good drinking buddy of mine, and he told the sales rep to give me a call.

Here's the problem... I have no idea how much worse the gas mileage is on the SRT vs. the RT, and I need my car for a winter car, at least for this winter and next. I know the SRT only takes premium, but honesty, with gas prices the way they are.. does it really matter anymore over 3 cents? I pay that much every second week anyway when prices fluctuate.

I really like both cars, I've put some coin into my RT already, and my RT only has 5000k. With the smoking deal I got, they will give me what I paid for it, so other then the mods I put in (which I would remove if they can crossover to an SRT) I'm out no money. Please help, and remember, as biased as you are, I need this car for winter, is an SRT out of the question?
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Damn, alright, if I can get my girlfriend onboard with this, I'll be set... Wbornio, LMFAO, never! I would love to grab this SRT, not to say that I don't really like my RT, its a great car, but the brakes and suspension, yeah, thats a good reason for an upgrade.
magnumdude said:
$100 more a month....the question that needs to be asked is how many months??
72 months... same as the financing for my R/T.
It has come down to this...

GF states "It doesn't make good financial sense at this time Chris... I can't stop you from doing it, but I don't think it's a good idea... you just sunk how much(?) into your car and you'll have to do it all over again with the new one... do what you want... I can't stop you."

Ouch.... I'll get back to you guys, The car is still there, as is a silver SRT8 Charger where the same deal applies... DAMN! I've been told if I keep my car for at least 2 years (a new record for me since I've never kept a vehicle that long) then she is totally ok with me buying an SRT Challenger, AND keeping my RT. She said she'd put that in writing hahaha.

She's a good girl and I don't want to have a relationship get ugly over a car.. Got some thinking to do, I'll keep you posted... I really want one of those cars.
Well... you evil buggers :) I went and took a spin in the Magnum... Big mistake... now I'm waiting to here back if the deal is a go. Yup.. I may soon be an SRTer. Damn.. What have you folks done to me?

I just hope it works out... Its red with Group I and II, with sunroof.. nice lil ride.

I will miss my Charger though I think, It just looks so much nastier then the Mag...
Well, I added it up...
I scored my RT with the R&T package for $39,000
The intake and TB spacer were $550. (And they are going on the SRT if I get it)
The Headers are $600
The high flow cats, $600
The catback system, $450 (got a buddy on the inside for these 3 ;))
The suspension upgrade, $1500
The big brake kit, $2600
Engine rebuild to get anywhere near SRT performance $3000.
Decent 20" rims and tires, $4000

$52'ish total...

The final price on the SRT... around $41'ish, haha, the dealer was very generous... So the SRT is actually kind of a steal. But winter is an issue, and gas is an issue, and the girlfriend.. oh boy, what an issue.. hahaha. I'll fill you in on the final price if I get it.
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Hahaha, I was like "39,000?!!! I'm getting ripped!" But then yeah... thats like 60,000 Canadian! hahaha
Well at this point the deal is off. My bank didn't like the dealerships way of "running the numbers" and refused to allow me to get a new loan. Another major bank refused, and Chrysler Financial stated that if I agreed to a 5 year with a balloon payment at the end (which also included a $200 monthly payment increase) that they would allow my sales rep and loan officer to put the deal through. Basically this is how it would have gone...

1)My Charger, paid $39,000 new, is bought by the dealership for $32,000.

2) The Magnum has been on the lot since March, so it gets discounted for time on the lot... Then I get the "actual" employee discount, plus I get the police discount since we bought all of our Chargers through them.

3) My salesman Takes a huge cut in commission.

4) The Magnum, with a few scratches gets further discounted, but get fixed by the dealership under warranty.

5) There is still $7000.00 outstanding on the Charger loan and the dealership simply moves it over to the new loan, stating that I am actually buying a $45,000 car, which is correct had there been no messing with the numbers originally.

6) I add a year to my financing, making a 5 year into a six year, and voila, the payments stay the exact same.

But alas, it looks like that ain't gonna happen. It's cool, I won't be joining you guys yet.. But soon.. and I know I will never go back. For now ol' RT will be keeping me company.. I like my car, I think I'll manage. :)

(There is one option left.. a four year lease.. and then the low payments still can apply... My boys are trying real hard for me, they want me in this car, but I'm not sure I want to lease.)
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I put some good clicks on my cars.. and no matter how badly I want this car, I want to do it right... I don't want it to crush my bank account or take away from the enjoyment of the car itself. I'm going to continue to customize my Charger, get it into some shows as "for sale" and when this deal comes around again in 07, you can bet I'll be rollin' SRT style. I will have an MSRT8.
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