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SRT owners, your opinion?

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I know you will all be fairly biased, haha, but I need an honest opinion.

The dealership I bought my R/T Charger (R&T package) from in June called and offered me an upgrade for 100 more a month then what I'm paying now. They have a red SRT Magnum (the only magnum I really like) and it's not selling.

The parts manager is a good drinking buddy of mine, and he told the sales rep to give me a call.

Here's the problem... I have no idea how much worse the gas mileage is on the SRT vs. the RT, and I need my car for a winter car, at least for this winter and next. I know the SRT only takes premium, but honesty, with gas prices the way they are.. does it really matter anymore over 3 cents? I pay that much every second week anyway when prices fluctuate.

I really like both cars, I've put some coin into my RT already, and my RT only has 5000k. With the smoking deal I got, they will give me what I paid for it, so other then the mods I put in (which I would remove if they can crossover to an SRT) I'm out no money. Please help, and remember, as biased as you are, I need this car for winter, is an SRT out of the question?
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As for the mileage, our SRT-8 got 18.6mpg with the cruise set on 78mph. It has shown 21mpg at 65mph. I just cant drive that slow when Im on a road trip.

My wife gets 17.5mpg in her daily work loop.
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