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SRT or Daytona grille?

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I'm gonna order my replacement grill (complete- crosshairs & honeycomb insert) sometime in the next 48 hours & I need to make a decision quickly...

IF there is only one difference b/w the 2 grilles (the only difference as I understand it to be is the color of the crosshairs is either flat-black/painted black), then I was wondering which do you all find more attractive on a Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Charger??

I guess the one thing I'm looking for above all is some PIC's!!...One of a Black Charger with the Daytona & one with the SRT8 grille.

Thanks in advance!!
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Go with the SRT!!!!!

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I love the Daytona Grille on my CHARGER....

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Yes, that looks hot on the red!!!
I would have gone that route if mine was red, but IMO, the flat black on the brilliant black, doesnt look as good
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