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SRT or Daytona grille?

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I'm gonna order my replacement grill (complete- crosshairs & honeycomb insert) sometime in the next 48 hours & I need to make a decision quickly...

IF there is only one difference b/w the 2 grilles (the only difference as I understand it to be is the color of the crosshairs is either flat-black/painted black), then I was wondering which do you all find more attractive on a Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Charger??

I guess the one thing I'm looking for above all is some PIC's!!...One of a Black Charger with the Daytona & one with the SRT8 grille.

Thanks in advance!!
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I think the painted black will look better on a Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Charger. If you get it flat black then it just look outa place. The flat black works on brightly colored car and also it matches the Spoilers and decals of the Daytonas.
Go for SRT grille.
I wonder if it would look out of place with a Daytona lip spoiler too. The tires sort of blend with it too? Hard to picture.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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