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SRT GTS emblem

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My birthday gift to myself was this new emblem for the hemiwagn.

Hemiwagn really is a Grand Tourer with a kick; 11 sec car but still a cross country comfy cocoon with tons of safety and pampering features.

Dodge has used the GTS moniker for a number of its special performance models, so I took my cue from that and had this emblem commissioned. (This is still a prototype, final 6 copies due next year). I'm going to put one on the grille and one on the back hatch.

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Wow, pretty nice! (You knew I'd do this, didn't you....)

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Christmas version?

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Yeah, well, I always loved the little touch of red of the stock SRT8 badge on the back of your car. I still have it etched in my mind from one of our drives from Eastway, along Eglinton. Just make sure it's not Cam's favourite valve cover red!!! LOL! Maybe even a dark blood red would look good?

Candy... Ah yes...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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