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Solution for Weak HomeLink Performance

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I posted this comment in another thread, but felt that it could use some more exposure:

My Magnum EVIC HomeLink (despite the dealer replacing it once) did not have the range of my 300M, nor the hand-held remotes. I solved it by lengthening the garage door operator antenna by a fractional wavelength. That is to say I doubled the length of the OEM opener antenna.

All you need to do is:

1. Get a piece of 18-22 gage (not important) wire exactly as long as the existing antenna (you will have to guess the length in some cases when the wire disappears into the housing).

2. Use a butt connector to join the stripped ends of the existing wire and the new one.

3. Let it hang down from the opener.

Now the Magnum hits the opener from a reasonable range and the others can hit it from about 100m away!
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You could put a piece of metal (any kind) a short distance behind the antenna to act as a reflector. This will increase the range also.
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