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Solution for Weak HomeLink Performance

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I posted this comment in another thread, but felt that it could use some more exposure:

My Magnum EVIC HomeLink (despite the dealer replacing it once) did not have the range of my 300M, nor the hand-held remotes. I solved it by lengthening the garage door operator antenna by a fractional wavelength. That is to say I doubled the length of the OEM opener antenna.

All you need to do is:

1. Get a piece of 18-22 gage (not important) wire exactly as long as the existing antenna (you will have to guess the length in some cases when the wire disappears into the housing).

2. Use a butt connector to join the stripped ends of the existing wire and the new one.

3. Let it hang down from the opener.

Now the Magnum hits the opener from a reasonable range and the others can hit it from about 100m away!
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6-year bump. Was wondering if anyone has tried this recently and what were the results? Im thinking it may be time to extend the antenna wire.

Ive been having issues lately with my Magnum and my '11 Durango where somedays it will open RIGHT in front of the garage and most days it wont open at all.
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