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sold black magnum rt sanford

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I've traded in my black RT at a courtesy dealer ship in Sanford, FL. Who here bought it?? Just curious. I miss my first magnum.

just to let you know guys I have a red srt8 now. muhaha.

lets hope for diesels in magnums for USA.
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gn300 said:
Wow !how can you miss an r/t when you can play with an srt?

Do you remember why you traded?
My parents had the SRT8 and they did not want to see the car go. They are on a RV trip and the srt8 was not practical for them so they bought a jeep liberty crd. Aweseme vehicle I think. Well anyway they sold me the car for what they owed on it. I traded my RT for the jeep for my parents. They were able to knock another 5 grand off the jeep. So that was good. Then I took over their car at 27k. tada now I am an owner of a SRT8. Dont get me wrong I love the SRT8 but my black RT for being an 05 had character. I had 30k miles on it and only owed 18k. Now Im back to square one with 27k. If I had to do all over again I would have kept the RT and have my parents sale the SRT8. I guess I love speed but the SRT8 is just ridiculously fast and will get me trouble :) RT was a perfect balance. My decision at the time was very quick without thought. Who wouldn't take a chance like that. I was saving my money for the challenger but my temptation jumped ahead of me and now Im a proud owner of a SRT8. It has 5000 miles on it with the new slotted rotors and all options. So I'll keep the SRT8 for a while until something a little more economical comes that is still a bit savage. Diesels Im waiting.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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