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Snow strories that made you laugh

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This morning on Q13 news Adam G said to drivers out there "make sure you put the chains on the drive tires" People are putting them on the wrong tires.

Any thing else that made you laugh?
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While working as a service writer I had a custamer come in and buy 2 snows and had them installed on the rear (Citation fwd).

After asking and explaining the difference she said no "my husband said to get new snows on the rear!"

Thinking they may have had another set mounted to put on later.....i did what she wanted!

Well the hubby came in mad as heck calling us stupid etc.

One other time after the first snow mad rush as the guys went to lunch a cust frieked as to why she had to wait so long ...

So 4 of them mounted and balanced 4 snows in 11 minutes!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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