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Snow strories that made you laugh

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This morning on Q13 news Adam G said to drivers out there "make sure you put the chains on the drive tires" People are putting them on the wrong tires.

Any thing else that made you laugh?
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Ok..this didn't happen this year..

A couple years ago there was a funeral at Lincoln Park Memorial Cemetery, which is up by Willamette National here in Portland. For those of you who haven't been up there....it is high on a hill, overlooking the city. Beautiful.
At any rate...the weather is nasty. It has been raining for like 2 weeks straight....its doing the on again off again snow...rain...snow....slush...

So the funeral coach pulls up. Thedy unload the casket...and the pallbearers start carrying this casket up the hill to ther graveside service.
They are almost there..when the guy in the back slips and falls.
They all go down.
Casket goes down. And starts sliding down the hill, rapidly accelerating.

The pallbearers give chase. One paticuarly spry young man catches up...and leaps onto the casket.
He said later that he figured it would slow it down or stop it.

*Wrong!* The casket is now hauling ass. It crossed over 2 access roads...and went about the length of a football field and a half before coming to a stop at the very bottom of the hill.

Now...this sounds like a horrible situation. But the family was laughing so hard they were on their knees. I guess the decedent was a major practical joker....and they said this must have been the last hurrah:)
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Ya:) The guy who trained me was driving the funeral coach...and my old manager (his daughter) was one of the funeral attendents.
The slide marks stayed for like 2 months. Lucky that most all of the markers in that area are flush with the ground, or there could have been some real issues. It freaks me out thinking about the possibilities.
I'm just happy the family laughed so hard they cried...rather than just cried. It makes it better:) Plus they will always have that as the final memory. Amd a damn good one it is.
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