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We went to the Silver Dollar race track in Reynolds on Friday night. I think about 10 cars got there. (I promise I will check the Nav before I lead the pack the next time).

It was hot, I think about 102 on the EVIC when we got there about 6:00 PM and down to about 95 when I left at 9:30.

Since we got there early, we were able to make a bunch of back to back runs with very little wait. Got busier as the evening went on.

Here are my results:

14.650 @ 97.01
14.618 @ 96.35
14,633 @ 96.30
14.720 @ 96.03
14.624 @ 96.58

I had one other run, but I was in manual shift mode and forgot to shift, so I forgot that run.

I am running Mopar CAI, Mopar Catback, SupeChips and the new "HammerMotorSports" fan mod. I was at 182 degrees at the start of each run and could cool down for the next run in 5 minutes or so, with the engine cover still on. I did not lighten the car, spare tire and stuff still in.

Thanks to good reaction times, I actually won 4 out of the five runs, all LX's. I did lose to a modded GTO that ran a 12.5.

I will let the other guys own up to there perfomances.

Will race anything for food.
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Now that I am mad at ya :)
14.2...I could do that asleep......

But I guess you got me now...congrats
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