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September 2006 LXOM Voting

  • 65standard

    Votes: 23 13.7%
  • Charg-um

    Votes: 72 42.9%
  • Hemi31

    Votes: 59 35.1%
  • KGBPro

    Votes: 14 8.3%

September 2006 LXOM Voting

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It's time to vote for LX of the Month!

The voting will run until 9/1/06 at 8:17 am EST (Friday).

You may vote once only. (all IP's are logged. Please keep this fair and honest!)

Happy voting and good luck to the nominees!

For questions regarding the LXOM contest, please view THIS thread in the Knowledge Base.
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Well I have to say that Charg-Um has done a great job with his modification and does deserve to win the LXOM

HEMI31 has been around a lot longer and has done far more than Charg-Um (No offence Charg-Um, your mod is still killer, will vote for you next month).
Ummmm, where was I, oh ya,
:Na_Na_Na_Na: Vote For HEMI31:Na_Na_Na_Na:

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bipto said:
LOL - vote early, vote often! :wink:
Hey, who's controlling this vote, Florida :wink: ?
OK, someone please explain to me why Hemi31 is not winning by a land slide,

All I see are positive remarks for Hemi31, and what he has done and how he has helped other members.

While I have a lot of respect for Charg-um, how come the people voting for him are not chiming in?

80% of the comments in this thread are for Hemi31, yet he is presently trailing.

While you do not have to, I would like to see some comments on why people voted for who?

While all 4 nominees are well deserving, I think that Hemi31 has done more for this forum that even he is willing to admit.

Remember this is for best member, not best car.

:Na_Na_Na_Na:Vote For HEMI31:Na_Na_Na_Na:


This has been an unpaid solicitation on behalf of myself trying to get people to vote for the most deserving member this month and In no event will lxforums.com be liable to any part for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages for any use of this post, or on any other hyperlinked well thought up post, including, without limitation, any lost votes,loss of puppies or other sweet cuddly things even if lxforums.com is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.:blah: :blah: :blah:
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Token said:
You see Netsrac, it just seems that the people voting for Hemi31 are just more vocal.

Erik has done noting to promote himself in this race, yet the pattern that has obviously formed, is that everyone who has met the man behind the screen name Hemi31 has a story to share of how he helped them, or supported their efforts.

He is a true pillar of this community and through his own selflessness has earned the admiration and respect he so deserves from a great deal of members.

Those members recognize that Erik would not boast about his accomplishments or remind people of what a truly great guy he is, so they have taken it upon themselves (me included) to share with the rest, their personal experiences with Erik so that others can know a little better, the man who is Hemi31.
I could not of said it better myself!!!

KGBPro said:
ohhh alright :doh: just 1......LOL

here ya go....
Hey KGBPro, are you a trader to your car, funny when I click on it, it brings up a webpage with advertising for GM & Pontiac? What's up with that???
MagnumSXT said:
OMG, you painted your car ORANGE!!!

Cheap digital camera, plus very hard to get a good pic of an Inferno Red car in the sunlight
While I am happy for Charg-Um, I still feel Hemi31 derserves it this month, guess we'll have to wait for next month.

I guess people who don't know Hemi31 and all the help he has given to so many members are voting for Charg-Um, because that is what is hot right now.

I won LXOM only after being a member for a short time (5 months) due to the plaques I made for over a 100 members ( I was hot at the time), and am proud of that.

So my hat goes off to Charg-Um:not_worth for being at the right place at the right time, and unfortunetly for Hemi31:Na_Na_Na_Na: for being at the right place at the wrong time.

Now if we could get a second sponser for the LXOM, and have Best Car and Most Helpful Member winners.

In all honesty, I am a bit bias towards Hemi31, because he has personally helped me out on more than one occasion, and I too might have voted for Charg-Um if it were not for this.

So unless a miracle happens, I congratulate you Charg-Um on becoming part of the LXOM club.:beerchug:

Hemi31, there is always next month (RA how many times were you nominated before you won)

I also want to congratulate the other two nominees who seem to be left out on all this campaigning 65Standard & KGBPro:beerchug:

(Little side note, I wonder which will be longer, the time it took KGBPro to get his car back or the time it will take him to win the LXOM):Na_Na_Na_Na:
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MagnumSXT said:
It also seems odd that if it really is the person not the car, why do they even need an LX?
If it were that way, fnkychckn would easily win, since he has helped countless amount of people, but he can not win due to the fact that he does not have an LX.
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