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I was thinking that when it comes time to buy new tires that I would keep the stock 215/65 R17 tires in front but get 225/60 R17 or 255/55 R17 for the rear wheels. What do you guys think?
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I very rarely rotate my tires. I know I should. But then I figure if 2 wear out at a time it's cheaper than replacing all 4 at once.
mikoazca said:
No, go for 18s or 20s! The 20s really made a difference in my car.
I don't plan on changing the wheels. Too much money. I really don't even want to pay extra for tire ratings above "T" (118mph) unless someone can come up with a way to raise the speed limiter on the V6. I know that the 225/60 and the 255/55 tires do have higher than "T" speed ratings but I don't think I have a choice.
mikoazca said:
Plus, I'll sell you my 245/40-20s (same outside diameter as 215/65-17) super cheap (like $200 for all 4) here in a few weeks when I get my 255/45-20s. They are actually in great shape -5,000 miles. All you'd have to do is get 20" wheels.
Thanks for the offer but the wheels are the killer. I'm good with the 17's. Just want slightly wider rubber.
mikoazca said:
As far as the limiter, my dealer service guy here in CG showed me that our cars can be reset on the StarScan for the 225/60-18 V rated or the 235/55-18 V rated (again same OD as 215/65-17). When I get the new tires, I'll get a picture of the StarScan readout.
I really really hope that the Starscan tire change to "V" rated will raise the limiter but I've heard from other members here that on the V6 it doesn't.

Please let me know what you find out.
mikoazca said:
Will do. I also plugged the 215/65-17s into the tire size calculator and you are right, the 255/55-17s are the same OD as the stock tires. I went to Discount Tire online and they have Kumho Ecsta 711s in that size for $99 each.
I saw those Kumho tires. They sound weird. Never heard of them.
MagnumSXT said:
Is a 255 ok on a 7.5" rim?
That's another question. Not sure. But if not 225/60 or something similar would work. I just want wider than 215/65.
mikoazca said:
I just looked up that tire in 255/55-17 on Kumho's website and they recommend 7.0-9.0 inch rim width on that size.
Sounds like it would work if the OEM 17 is 7.5".
mikoazca said:
According to dodge.com, your SXT aluminum wheels are 17x7, not 17x7.5, which is still ok according to the Kumho chart.
Thanks again. That should fit just fine then.
Super T said:
The tweak in the scarscan is to update the diameter so the car can still relate wheel speed to road speed. There's no provision there to up the speed limiter.
That's what I'm afraid of.
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