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SCLX Monthly Meet and Greet / 3rd Friday

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3rd Friday of the Month
8:00pm to 9:30pm

TARGET Houston Central
2580 Shearn Street (off Taylor St)
Houston, TX 77007

Weather Permitting

Map to Location

Please park in the RED box.

Please reserve the BLUE box for event Mission Control.

There are several food options available for dinner:

-- Southwells Burgers
-- Dickies BBQ
-- Freebirds
-- Chilis
-- Chick-Fil-A
-- Taco Bell

Help ensure we have this great location to meet at every month. As a participant in this event you agree to no burnouts, exhibitions of speed, loud music, etc.
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bump, if you're in the Houston area... c'mon out and meet some people, definitely fellow LXF users, and put a face with a name.
H-Town, inviting you to come out and connect with other local enthusiasts.

Tomorrow, March 21.
Our monthly Meet & Greet, this Friday.

Hope to see some of you out.
Inviting fellow owners out this Friday.

Gather with others, put a face with a screen name.

Check original post for event info.
Event tonight...... Come on out H-Town
Had a great turnout last night with about 30-40 new faces. That goes to show that if you may be hesitant to come out to an event, don't be... You are not the only newbie.

We have an awesome group of veterans who will get you up to speed and share their knowledge and experiences.

Make plans to join the Mopar Madness soon.
Two days away... join fellow owners at this monthly event.

Newbies, veterans, each of you make this gathering great.

Hope to see you Friday.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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