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Rt 66 Draw Strip Tuesday the 15th of Aug

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A couple of us from the forum will be there that evening. Anyone else interested? Best to be there around 4:00PM to get in line at the Gate on Rt 53. They open the gate at 4:30. It cost $15 to get in, just to watch, and if you want to race, tell the person you pay at the gate and they'll give you a tech sheet to fill out. Racing is an additional $25, payable at the tech window after they inspect you car.

When you drive in make a mild right and head towards the GasCity sign, that's the tech line. You can fill out the form while you wait in line. If you car runs in the 13s you'll need a helmet. Not likely any of us will be fast enough to need a firesuit jacket or roll cage! If you are running slicks, I think you'll need a driveshaft loop... which would be quite a task on these cars if you've ever looked at it.

Hopefully there will be quite a few of us there so we can gie pointers and direction to those that haven't ever done this before. TURN OFF YOUR A/C when you get there... they really hate when you drip water on the track!

Come on guys and girls, lets go!

PS, please cross post this to other LX forums where you are members and if it looks like rain... redouble your efforts to get there. Usually when it looks like rain, the big guys stay home and there are very few cars at the track... that means no waiting! 180 degree stat and $0.25 fan mods and you can go over and over and over with no or very little waiting! When it's nice it can get crowded.

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drag racing is dangerous and hard on your car.
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