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Went to the city today to get some flooring for our diningroom and living room.

Had the trailer in tow and waterpunp quit on the concord (3,5).

Stumbled into a garage and made some phone calls.

went to get a u-haul car dolly to tow to a friends shop they wouldn't rent it to us couse the car was too heavy for a charokee to tow?

"Well then can you rent us a local truck with a dolly for acouple of hours"?

No daily rentals of trucks with dollys or car trailers!

Too many stolen cars!

Went to a smaller place to try the dolly thing for my "neon".

"sorry we don't rent dollys after 4:00 pm!

WTF now had to get a tow truck at $100 to get the car to the shop!

Not a good day to get flooring!

Doughter picked us up will get the car back tuesday at $65 per hr ouch.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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