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Rear subframe replace

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I need to replace rear subframe due to rust. What rear subframes will fit a 2005 AWD RT magnum. I see a price differnce between 2005 and 2006 and up rear subframes and they list 2005 only for a 2005 AWD.
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I ordered the frame. Now I'm working on getting the bolts all loose and cleaned up. When I loosened one of the subframe bolts loose , there is an aluminum space that goes between the bushing and the body. it is cracked. I'm trying to find replacement but don't see them listed anywhere, what are they called or where can you get them?

1, in the above image? It's displayed in book 3, chapter 13. No part numbers given. I love the recommendation about not loosing it. If you have some idea of where else to look for part lists in the 4 shop manuals, LMK.
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