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Radar/Lazar detector?

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lately driving around I've been making a mental note of what my "Escort" detects aside from Cops.

Target, Grocerystores, and all major dept stores using theft detection automatic doors
Eye Docs
Skin care offices using Lazars
Air ports
and of course our Bouys in blue.

Anyone else notice this?
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ok, did the EXACT same thing as you, got the 9500i and sold my X50 for $202 on ebay.

Best investment made to date!

I used to turn off x50 when all those false alarms would happen and THEN GET CAUGHT by Jose's friends! lol

You can keep them false alarms

They all detect those, along with Slurpee machines, too...yummm! :)

I picked up on an Escort 9500i and it has the ability to greatly reduce the false sigs or you can "mark" the ones that sets it off (using the GPS feature) and it won't annoy you with that one anymore.

Honestly, the 9500i has a hefty price that I would never pay! I picked mine up on an impulse, due to a local buyers remorse (original packaging & invoice included, though more than the 30 day return would allow) and then sold my Escort 8500x50 to offset some of the cost. I bought that 8500 the same way. Now I have a total of $300 in the 9500i and I love it!

Oh...just to get the usual comments out of the way and in no particular order....
1) you shouldn't speed
2) Valentine 1 is better than any Escort AND Escorts are better than any Valentine.
3) YOUR eyes are the best defense
4) If you get hit by lazer, just pull you wallet out. You're already busted.
5) Laser shifters don't work AND Laser shifter do work
6) theres always one referece to RadarRoy website
7) sometimes there is one reference to Rocky Mountain and their offer to pay tickets (scam?)
8) tickets are issued via mail based on how quickly you passed from one toll booth to the next, so no detector will help you...

No, I don't really endorse any of those comments, though I am happy with the 9500.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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