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Hi guys, I have an '05 Magnum sxt 3.5 and have had it since last November. I did buy it used. Anyway, the question I have is ... Has anyone had any issues with a slight vibrating in the sterring wheel when turning? I get a vibrating in the wheel usually when I get in and go and make my first turn or two. It doesn't do it every time I make a turn but does do it everytime I back up. (I describe it as "dry steering" and has a slight noise to it as well). I have taken it to the dealer and they say nothing is wrong ... but yet it continues. Any comments or suggestions or ???

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Welcome aboard Shane!! Was nice to chat with you yesterday at THD and at the Show.

I'm sure someone here 'might' be able to address your query .... lets see if the Mighty Chicken pops in to answer this one... though this might have been better place in the General LX section.. but hey ;)

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possible candidate for TSB 19-002-06

Moan/Groan Sound Heard At Idle​
This bulletin involves installing a revised power steering pressure line clip.​
2005 - 2006 (LX) 300/Charger/Magnum
2006 (LE) 300/300 Touring (International Markets)​
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicle equipped with a 3.5L Engine (Sales Code
Moan/Groan sound heard while turning the steering wheel right or left when the vehicle is
at normal operating temperature and the engine is at idle speed.​
With the vehicle at normal operating temperature and the engine at idle speed (600 rpm),
turn the steering wheel 90° right and left with the A/C on. Turn the A/C off and repeat
turning the steering wheel, if the moan/groan sound is present with the A/C off perform the
Repair Procedure. If the moan/groan sound is NOT present with the A/C OFF, this bulletin
does not apply and further diagnosis is required.


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from online database:

Vehicle Issue: Shudder in the power steering system.
Year: 2005
Model: LX - 300 , LX - Magnum
Symptom: Shimmy / Shake , Shudder , Vibration
Driver Input / Vehicle Operation: Parking Lot Maneuvers , Turn / Turning
Case Verification: This is mostly noted during parking lot maneuvers. The vibration can be felt in the power steering hoses.In some instances the pump, hoses and / or steering rack have already been replaced.
Recommendation: Replace the steering rack with the AE level steering rack. If the steering rack has already been replaced verify the part number. If the replacement steering rack was at the AD level, then replace it with the AE level.
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