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Today I went over to PYPES Performance Exhaust and had them install their NEW RacePro Catback exhaust on my 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T Automatic.

Don't worry, PICS and VIDEOS are coming Friday, it is raining terribly today.

I went with their recommendation and installed their RacePro Catback, the RacePros are said to be their quietest muffler, and I hate quiet exhausts.

Well, from the first Start of the engine I smiled.
What a HEALTHY exhaust note.:)

In the rain I could not drive like I would like to, but even at normal throttle inputs and with the windows up, I was treated to a wonderful Exhaust note inside the car, but there is NO DRONE!

I put the windows down for a few moments and could still hear that beautiful sound from outside the car.

I can talk to a passenger with no problem, but still hear the exhaust.
I can listen to HARD ROCK music and still hear my exhaust, it is the perfect combination of throatiness, volume, deepness, without any drone.

Price for the system is only $499 until 1/15/09, I recommend you take advantage of it.

I am known very well in the Vette and Mustang worlds, I have been through hundreds of aftermarket exhausts, made many mistakes, I can promise you will be happy with this system on your Challenger.:thumbs_u:

One thing I will say, I LOVE the Challenger Stock Tips, the PYPES system comes with the Dual Quad tips on both sides, like MBRP.
Many Dodge purists love the Dual Quad tips, but I still think I like the stock look.
Of course, I can just bolt the stock tips on if I really want to, but I think the new ones will grow on me.

More reviews to come tomorrow in dry weather and VIDEOS on Friday.

BTW, I do not work for PYPES, I am a PHARMACIST Business Owner.:mrgreen:

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Can`t wait to hear the Chally roar Howard
I think you will like it.
I hope the sound comes through on the video.

I took my son and then my daughter for a ride, they both loved it.
Then my wife drove it and she said it sounds like it should now.

That sounds great but you've left me wanting pics!
Friday I should have Pics and Videos up by late afternoon or evening.
I can't wait to drive to work tomorrow, it's supposed to be dry out.:)
Do they make a 300c exhaust?
I know they make one for the Charger, best bet would be to call them.

Nice stable you have bud... HOw you liking the c63? I bet that's a blast. Is that your daily driver or is it the Challenger? Well, I guess you have seveal daily drivers huh lol!

Edit: Just realized these were previous rides. Ooops!
I wish I had enough $$$ to keep them all.
I am envious of that C63 also...bad ass ride man.
You must think I am crazy for trading it in, but I got rid of all those bad azz rides for my Challenger:mrgreen:

But, I don't miss those $1000/month car payments.:doh:
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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